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First GLOBE bear in Bieszczady

news5 aga3 ER This autumn we have started the bear capturing season in the Bieszczady Mountains. With our GLOBE team, our guest, Prof. Djuro Huber (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia), and a support of Jacek Ficek (DVM), we managed to capture the first bear of the season. A young female called Aga, was captured on October, 28th. Aga weighted 92 kilograms. She has been equipped with a GPS collar which takes her position at given time intervals and then, using the GSM network, sends data on her locations to the base station. Results of blood tests showed that Aga is in a good condition, yet she is not fully prepared to the winter season. She will need to get more fat reserves necessary for denning.

photo by Eloy Revilla