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Bears have smelly feet

news30 smelly feet A new study realised (among others) by the GLOBE project team members, finds that bears communicate through their feet while walking. By twisting their feet into the ground, bears leave their scent. This scent is produced by foot glands and contains 26 specific compounds that inform other bears, for example about the sex of the animal. This ritual is repeated by other individuals, mostly males, which step exactly in the same places, leaving a trail of smelly holes in the ground. This reveals as an important way for animals with large home ranges to exchange information with their neighbours.

A study published in Scientific Reports clarifies why bears walk in a mysterious way. Everything started when the researchers observed in the field that different bears repeatedly walk in the same trail stepping exactly in the same holes in the ground. In a perfectly established ritual, one after another, bears vigorously twist their paws into the ground following a marked trail, while sniffing the tracks left by other bears using the trail before. Scientists found prominent glands in bear feet, which produce and can release secretion when pressed. This explains why bears walk in such a way. Twenty-six volatile compounds were identified in pedal scent, of which six were exclusive of males. One of these male compounds is a cembrenoid that is also a trail and recognition pheromone in some termite and ant species.

The study was conducted by an international team of scientists and led by researchers from the Institute of Nature Conservation of Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow, and Estación Biológica de Doñana CSIC in Seville. Research was funded by the National Center for Research and Development and the National Science Center in Poland.

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